the last pillar


weak men piss into the wind of public opinion

colostomy bags of fear saddled to old bodies stripped of function

factions rising from fractions of ill thought

driving a wedge into the geo politic


these same weak men posturing

ego driven and coiffed with self importance

their lies portents to our failed future


and yet our words must spit out like pellets of fire

blowing on embers – a glow

our truth the last pillar

shining light to darkness

conquering alternate fact




one more night on earth

rain falls

hard again

breaking our day

a predictable unpredicatable-ness

no pattern in it

the only forecast is

this uncertain truth

it’s raining again

hard now then soft

drizzling into the moonlight

a pink moon obscured

in the clouds of our thought

nothing right

only what’s left

to ponder

on the break of day – the edge of night

and a feeling of fresh hope

– a knowing

that goes beyond this unpredictable us




the moment realised –

the wind blows again

beckoned as back in the day

dancing in leaves across sunlit branches

breathing new life into a hardened fearful heart

fortressed with years of silent phoney wars

now the wind blows again

dusting it clean

banging on the windows

throwing the doors open to a new perception

busting down the misconception

rolling back the stone – resurrected


set afire


gotta light a fire…

who has the ignition?

it’s ready

we got fuel, got air

who’s going to start blowing?


plenty enemy ready to hose it down

to put out the flames before it takes hold

prepped to douse it all before it even begins


so what are you going to do about it?

when are you going to set it alight?

how long does it take to get angry?

how many years roll by before saying enough?

what action

what last word

what final insult

will tip you over to set it alight?

a billion dreams beaten down in a sold out future

a million hopes extinguished

before they begin

before they get a chance to make a difference

to burn bright


so what are you going to do about it?

when are you going to set it alight?

what are you waiting for?

how much more time do you need?

how much more will you take? 

how much more can you take before it’s set aflame?

how much more fierce do you need it

than this urgency of now? 



spin cycle


the dirt
the filth
the waste
piles up higher and higher
a teetering ivory tower of deceit
laundered with a capful of softener
to make it feel wearable
more comfortable

post truth
alt fact
gas lit
no way back

real meaning menaced
by a fake construct
built on fear
all hope trumped
by bullshit and lies




She slips into my dream
then slides back out again
She slips into my darkest thought –
If not now, then when?

She creeps into my future
the killer of our lust
She strangles all the love I have
in the behemoth of her bust

She gets my heart a pounding
in the twinkle of her eye
She takes me
then spits me out
and leaves me there to die